"After the end of the education year, summer school programs prepared for primary, secondary and high school students began with the address of Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk to the students."

The summer school program for primary, secondary and high school students that began today will continue until August 28 on TRT-EBA TV. Minister of National Education Selçuk addressed primary school students from TRT-EBA Primary School channel, secondary school from TRT- EBA Secondary School channel and high school students from TRT EBA TV on the occasion of the start of the summer school program. During his address to primary and secondary school students, Selçuk stated that children had to stay away from their schools, classmates and teachers for a long time and although they were happy about the recess at first, in time they started to miss their schools.
Noting that this period is like a very long break for everyone, Selçuk said neither the Ministry of National Education nor students stayed idle. The Ministry has founded three television channels and students followed their classes on TRT EBA TV channels stated Selçuk adding that students had the opportunity to communicate with their teachers via computers and telephone as a part of live classroom application.
"EBA TV channels will be with you during the summer"  
Minister Selçuk noted that students had written stories during the pandemic processes and showed the book titled "Homemade Stories from Children" book. "You had written a book." "You did all this during the curfew while you were bored at home. I would like to thank all of you for your support to our fight during such a compelling period. I know, it is summer holiday time. I know many of you are watching television during summer. We have received thousands of requests concerning summer school programs on EBA TV channels. I read your mails and messages. We got together as a team and pondered on what can be done about these requests. We made research, we planned and we prepared a nice summer school program on television.  As you all know, there is no recess in education and learning. We must be open to learning every moment and every second. Do not forget to learn something every day not only from school but also from what you read and watch. We will be with you during the summer on EBA TV in an effort to support you and give ideas. Our lessons will continue so that you can continue to learn. There will be classes during the summer, too. These lessons will have different and entertaining contents and include games during the summer."
Minister Selçuk noted that most colorful parts of the summer school program will be Design and Skill Workshops and program contents will include many activities and experiments about science, technology, culture, arts, sports and life skills.  
Minister Selçuk asked students to follow these programs on television and underlined the importance of developing knowledge and skills in order to become multi-dimensional persons who are open to learning.  Noting that programs will include science and technology experiences, simple machine production and robot programming, Selçuk said, "I am very excited about these programs. We have contents including information about cultural values and artistic works of both our country and the world.  Together, we are going to learn how to make a comment about a work of art. I will watch the caricature workshop program. I recommend you not to miss it." Selçuk stated that sports programs will include traditional and modern sports branches and sports rules and called on children to follow these programs.
"Please do not forget to read books"
Stating that he enjoyed life skill programs, Minister Selçuk went on to say, "These programs include super workshops that could be useful in life such as kitchen and sigh language workshops. Do you know what else these summer school programs include? We will give A1 and A2 level English classes. What do A1 and A2 mean? These are internationally approved language levels and standards. It is very important for you to improve your English skills in order to read the world better.  We will read lots of books in English; we will tell stories in English and organize activities. Follow these programs closely. Of course, it will be hard for me to introduce all contents in the summer school programs. Make the most of your summer holiday. Follow programs in summer school on TRT EBA TV and please do not forget to read books in your spare time."
Minister Selçuk introduced the holiday book for children titled, "Buddy" prepared by the Ministry and asked students to help their parents at home, obey social distancing rules and wear masks while playing with friends and do not forget to wash their hands for 20 seconds.
"Do not ignore rules due to summertime"
Minister Selçuk greeted high school students by saying "Hi teens!" during his address on TRT EBA TV high school channel and pointed out that they all experienced hard times during the pandemic process. Stressing that the virus still continues to threaten people although the most risky period of the pandemic in Turkey has ended, Minister Selçuk said, "Your sensitivity about this issue is very important both for your own health and for the health of children and seniors. I would like to thank you for acting responsibly until now. Please do not ignore rules after the summer holiday and after the end of the curfew. My young friends, you are away from your schools since March 16. It was hard for you to stay at home for three months. I know that you have missed your best friend, your favorite teacher and even sandwiches at the school cafeteria.  I believe that we have passed a hard test during this period. You continued your education by watching TRT EBA TV high school channel and connecting to live classroom application on EBA. We have produced thousands of teaching materials for you. Your activities were limited and prevented due to the curfew but we have observed that you have developed self-management and personal learning skills during this period. This period was very important for developing life skills. Due to these reasons, I believe that this period had taught you a lot although it was really compelling." Minister Selçuk reminded that students are now in summer recess and many young people are trying to make programs and seeking summer activities which are fun and qualified.
"These lessons are for the summer holiday..."
In an effort to make a contribution to summer activities of students and respond to requests about the continuation of programs on TRT and EBA TV channels, the Ministry has prepared summer school programs by considering the interests and abilities of high school students. Minister Selçuk said, "What is the content of summer programs? Our lessons will continue so that you will continue to learn.  But these lessons have different and entertaining contents. It is important to follow these classes in order to be prepared for the upper grade. Of course, there won't be only lessons."
Asking teenagers to follow TBA programs, Minister Selçuk stressed the importance of raising students who are open to learning. Selçuk suggested students who are preparing for university entrance exams to closely follow these programs and added that in addition to training such as coding and science and technology experiments, there will be special programs about artificial intelligence and machine production. Selçuk also gave information about "culture and arts programs", "sports programs" and "life skills programs."
Noting that the summer school will include B1 and B2 level English classes for high school students, Minister Selcçuk said, "You must develop your English skills in order to read the world. We will read books and tell stories in English and organize activities. TRT and EBA TV will continue to offer new contents in order to help you make most of your summer holiday. Do not forget to read books, walk in nature and help your parents at home. I wish you will have a productive and joyful summer holiday."

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