Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered questions concerning the agenda in the "Education Editor" program broadcasted on TRT Haber.  Noting that the simulations have completed the Minister said "We are implementing all measures for the exam by considering each school and class individually.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered the questions concerning the agenda in the "Education Editor" program broadcast live on TRT Haber.
Upon being asked whether there will be psychosocial support studies as well as academic education for students during the Covid-19, Minister Selçuk stated that they prepared adaptation and completion programs for teachers, students and parents.
Expressing that they have prepared lists on how to organize, use and clean physical and wetted areas, school corridors, Minister Selçuk said that they prepared guidebooks, videos, booklets and software regarding these topics.
Selçuk stated that they developed a software called e-KPSS for the employment of special education students and graduates which has downloaded by twenty thousand people in a week.
Counseling Activities during the Pandemic
Upon being asked whether students can be traumatized during the pandemic and whether the guidance counselors are provided with relevant training, Minister Selçuk stated that the guidance counselors are actively involved in the current situation.
Stating that during seminars, in-service training activities were carried out regarding traumas and further support studies, Selçuk said "Within entire process related to our students including exams, the necessity to prevent traumas and starting education in a much healthier and calmer way is quite explicit. For this purpose, we get all kinds of support from our universities, academicians and experts. We carry on our works. " 
Upon being asked whether controlled social life will cause socialization problems for children and young people, Minister Selçuk said, "We are planning to prevent the problems that may arise on socialization through trainings, games and videos. If this was not an unusual situation then we could talk about a problem, but our children are aware of this. They realize that this is a temporary, exceptional crisis. So I don't see much risk here. " 
Regarding a question on mask usage and seating arrangements, Selçuk emphasized that they did not take a decision in the center, they definitely consult experts and get advice from the Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board.
Social Distancing and Wearing Masks during the Exam
Pointing out that the schools were arranged in accordance with the guidebook on the social distancing prepared by Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board, Minister Selçuk said "We are implementing all measures for each school and class individually. Simulations on seating arrangements have been completed.  We don't want our students to face any problems during the exam. So beside their own masks we will give a second mask. Some of our children feel disturbed by the mask and say "I cannot be successful with the mask." We have learned from The Coronavirus Scientific Advisory Board that students can remove their masks in accordance with social distancing.
Minister Selçuk stated that in case of apply they will provide the necessary services for children who are treated at the hospital but can have their exams.
Upon being asked whether the exam questions are difficult, Minister Selçuk said, "It is out of the question. We will have a session on EBA TV called 'Last repeat for LGS' on June 8 at 14:30. I especially request our children not to miss this session. There will be a final review of all subjects. Easy and practical ways will be demonstrated for problem solving. We definitely cannot ask a question which is not in the textbook."
"This is the first time we provide so many sources and questions"
Upon being asked to give suggestions to the students, The Minister of National Education Selçuk said, "The exam is not only about having a specific knowledge. It is about being patient and determined as well as being resolute and focused. Therefore, highly motivated students who have strong self- management and good psychology are more successful. On the other hand when excessive anxiety is experienced, well known questions could be forgotten. It is not normal for a student to have excessive anxiety or no anxiety at all. Our children and parents should know that it is okay to feel anxiety in middle level.
Minister Selçuk stated that there were not this much funding and support in any academic year.  He said, "For the first time, we give so many sources and questions. That is partly because EBA TV and EBA Internet. Students are lucky this year." 
Stressing that the sample questions have been downloaded 21 million times until May, 2020 which was 15 million last year, Minister Selçuk said that the students and parents have a great interest.
Holiday books and workbooks will be distributed to primary school students
Stating that the Ministry will not stop getting in touch with students during summer, Minister Selçuk noted that they will distribute holiday and workbooks to primary school students.
Explaining that EBA TV will continue next year as it will be during summer Selçuk said, "We do not want our children to fall behind in education. Our students who wish to take the class, can attend lessons via EBA TV just as they do at school. So, we want to offer more sources to our children. Besides face to face education, distance education will continue at full steam next year."

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