Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin attended the Provincial Education Evaluation meeting held in Şanlıurfa.

Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin went to Şanlıurfa to make various contacts. Visiting the Governorship of Şanlıurfa first, Minister Tekin attended the Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting held at the Directorate of GAP Agricultural Research Institute Meeting Hall.
Stating that they visited the provincial organization and Anatolia during his 2.5-month period of his ministerial duty at the Ministry of National Education, to work on the measures to be taken, Minister Tekin said that they have visited many cities.
Making a statement about the studies they carried out on the preparation period for the education and training process throughout Türkiye, Minister Tekin said that they took all the measures to start the education process in a healthy way on September 11 in the minimum commons under non-conformist conditions in the earthquake region. Minister Tekin said that they have taken all necessary measures to solve the problems of all teachers and the newly appointed ones on September 1, regarding compulsory make-up training for students and accommodation and transportation for teachers.
Emphasizing that all teachers working in the region, especially in places where there is a lot of destruction on the basis of 4 provinces and 2 districts, are sought one by one, Minister Tekin said that the necessary measures regarding accommodation, accommodation and transportation were arranged by using the facilities of the Ministry of Interior and AFAD. Stating that teachers will start the education process without any problems, Minister Tekin said that support processes are carried out for parents in the same way and that the support process will continue from now on. Minister Tekin stated that there will be no problems related to the earthquake zone.
"We will sturdily start the education and training process"
Emphasizing that they have realized a three-stage projection in order to meet the need for classrooms in the earthquake zone, Tekin announced that some of the projects will be completed by September 11, and some of them by the beginning of the spring semester. Stating that they are also carrying out investment projects to reach the next September period, Minister Tekin thanked President Erdoğan for supporting the investment process without making any sacrifices in this regard. Stating that they have taken measures to solve the daily problems related to the relocation processes of teachers, the problems of private education institutions, and the disruptions in Vocational Education Centers (MESEM) and vocational and technical education projects, Minister Tekin said that they have taken measures to distribute all textbooks to students as of September 11.
"We will fight against obesity and digital addiction"
Reminding that they sent a circular of preparation for education to 81 governorships, Minister Tekin emphasized that obesity and digital addiction are one of the most important problems of the age. Addressing the governors, provincial directors of national education and teachers, Minister Tekin asked them to turn their schoolyards into playgrounds where our students can both reduce their digital addiction and do their daily activities. Minister Tekin said that they want our school gardens to be used effectively in a way that will reflect their own traditions, customs and cultural heritage of Türkiye.
Stating they would support schools that demand support from the central organization of the Ministry, Minister Tekin said that they wanted children to receive education in a healthy environment and to ensure their physical health properly. Minister Tekin emphasized that they wish the students to be able to get rid of digital addiction and their addictions in electronic media that can put their mental and mental health into trouble during recesses.
Noting that one of the issues that parents frequently complain about is that teachers assign students homework through social media applications, Minister Tekin said that they feel this situation negatively affects the digital addiction of students and children. Underlining that they have taken precautions in this regard, Minister Tekin stressed that since children spend a lot of time with GSM devices and mobile phones in schools, they do not require this in the next academic year, but they wish to take measure, which will not be compulsory, in the next school year so that children do not bring mobile phones into classrooms.
Pointing out that they included the "Let's Introduce Our City" unit in the elective courses during the changing of 2017 curriculum process, Minister Tekin asked teachers to actively use this unit so that children can experience, learn and know the traditions, culture, nature, historical texture and cultural heritage of the city they live in.
Referring to the measures regarding the new academic year and the distribution of millions of free books, Minister Tekin asked the schools to evaluate these books by the end of the year. Expressing that he attaches importance to the return of these books from students by the end of the year, Minister Tekin said that they wish the Governorships to encourage the white coat practice, which is important for teachers to dress as an educator. Tekin said that this matter was also expressed at teachers' room meetings and stated in the circular.
Decisions taken at the meeting for Şanlıurfa
Expressing that he wants the people of Şanlıurfa not to worry, Minister Tekin said that they will do their best to meet their classroom needs and that they will revise their 2024 investment program accordingly. Stating that there are 1 thousand 232 classrooms, 3 hostels, 3 gymnasiums and 1 lodging under construction in Şanlıurfa, Minister Tekin said that approximately 1 thousand classrooms, hostel, gym, 4 lodgings and a 150-bed capacity application hotel was also included in the investment program.
Informing that they will hold an evaluation meeting in November, Tekin said that the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality promised to solve the land problem related to the schools to be included in the investment plan. Stating that they, as the Ministry, will work to include the construction of education and training institutions on these lands in the investment program, Minister Tekin said that they will revise the 2024 investment program accordingly.
Tekin visited the Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül in his office and received information about the works carried out in the city.
Tekin was accompanied by Deputy Minister Nazif Yılmaz, Head of Strategy Development Department Ercan Türk, Director General of Support Services Ömür Karakullukçu and Director General of Construction and Real Estate Özcan Duman.

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