Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin addressed students, teachers, and parents in a message released on the occasion of the end of the 2023-2024 school year, saying, "As we leave behind another school year, I would like to thank each and every one of you for the perseverance, efforts, and sacrifices you have demonstrated."

Minister Tekin said the following in his message:
"Dear Students,
Now, you have the summer holiday ahead to both relax and improve your personal and academic skills. Discover the richness of our Turkish language in a wide range of genres, from cinema to theater, poetry to history, and magazines to newspapers. This summer, I particularly recommend acquiring new skills in craft workshops, which represent the skill-based approach of the Century of Türkiye Education Model and will be implemented for the first time. I would also like to remind you that our support and training courses are available. By participating in these courses, you can overcome your deficiencies and equip yourself with new knowledge and skills. Additionally, make sure to take advantage of our rich content in activity books prepared specifically for the summer holiday. These books will increase your knowledge and open up new horizons, making your holiday more productive. With the support we provide in education, we aim for each of you to make the best use of your unique potential.
During the summer holiday, make reading and writing a part of your daily routine. This process not only provides you with knowledge but also reinforces your personal and social responsibilities. With the sweat of your intelligence and perseverance, you are shaping your future by being swept away by the magical wind of reading and writing. However, reading should have a direction, meaning, and goal. One should read to improve themselves, to become competent, and to enlighten others. While the books you read open up new horizons for you, what you write shapes and deepens your thoughts. The act of reading should progress along with the act of writing. Take notes in the margins to reinforce what you have learned, so that these notes will guide you in the future.
Discover our cities and their cultures this summer, as you do every summer holiday. Cities unfold themselves step by step, street by street, building by building, and person by person. Meet new stories in your travels. Try to touch a person or touch a heart, even without uttering a single word. Remember that it's possible to touch a heart without saying a word. Reinforce your knowledge by visiting museums, archaeological sites, and historical places that reflect the rich history and culture of our country.
I hope you will prepare for the new term by developing yourselves, discovering new interests, and increasing your knowledge.
Dear Teachers,
As the Ministry, our primary goal is to cultivate generations endowed with values that will form the essence of education: wisdom of mind, wisdom of heart, and wisdom of taste, along with national consciousness. You, our esteemed teachers, who are dynamic, able to quickly adapt to innovations and change, who safeguard your essence, culture, and values, and who possess competence, are our greatest assurance in instilling these qualities in the youth.
We will continue our efforts to nourish and further highlight the mission of all our teachers who fulfill their expected role with great effort, faith, knowledge, and sincerity, contributing to a civilizational understanding that extends from within the classroom to vast regions of the world.
I sincerely thank you all for your unwavering interest and active participation in the "Teachers' Room Meetings" throughout the past year. We will continue these meetings and consultations with the same determination and efficiency in the new school year. I hope that you will evaluate the professional development training period efficiently, and I wish you every success.
Dear Parents, 
Your role and support are invaluable in our children's educational journey. With the right guidance, you can unlock the full potential of your children. Your interest in their education and your efforts have a great impact on shaping future generations. Observation is the key to education; children learn by absorbing what they see around them. Therefore, we need to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our children to explore instead of constantly presenting them with challenging paths. If a parent does not improve themselves, their ability to guide their children correctly remains limited. 
We need to strengthen our children's bond with books and steer them away from screen addiction, guiding them towards knowledge and learning. Entertainment should not consist of watching television, following TV series, or spending time on social media. Instead, it should be enriched with mind-opening activities centered around knowledge and books. Planning how to successfully integrate both theoretical knowledge and moral values into our children's learning processes will help them grow up as balanced and well-equipped individuals, both academically and personally. Paying attention to your own learning and development process as a parent is the foundation for setting a solid example for your children.
And while a bad report card can always be improved, the damage done to our children's personalities cannot be repaired. A report card is only a summary of our children's efforts and endeavors, not the ultimate indicator of their achievements or abilities. We should use report cards to better guide and support our children, not to blame or judge them. Remember, the report card brought home by your child reflects the performance of at least four individuals: the mother, the father, the teacher, and the student. Please do not ignore the fact that families and parents have as important a role to play in our children's future planning as schools and teachers. Acting with this awareness, together we can unlock their potential in the best way possible and prepare them for a strong future.
Dear Students, Teachers, and Parents,
I hope that all your efforts are rewarded with a healthy, peaceful, and blessed summer holiday. I wish you a new school year filled with energy, perseverance, and hope, starting with good health and happiness.

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