President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced at the opening ceremony of the 20th Education Council held in Beştepe Nation Congress and Culture Center that Teacher's Profession Law will be submitted to the approval of the Parliament and the draft law eliminates the difference between permanent and contract teachers.

President Erdoğan expressed his wish that the council will be a blessing for the country and thanked all participants for their contribution to the 20th National Education Council during his keynote speech.
"The Council which convened under the theme of equal opportunity in education will take advisory decisions that will become the roadmap for the future. I sincerely believe that the outcome of the council will guide us in our strong education- strong Turkey ideal," said President Erdoğan.
Noting that the World has been going through a historical transformation with the development of new technology and wide spread communication opportunities, Erdoğan stated that these developments also have some risks as well as opportunities and warned about global risks.
President Erdoğan said, "What we have witnessed in the last two years during the pandemic once more is the bitter truth. The pandemic which began in China and spread to the entire world in a short period of time revealed that despite development level differences we are all in the same boat." 
Stressing that this period also revealed the importance of having strong infrastructure especially in health, education and production, Erdoğan stated that Turkey always stood by its people while many countries including developed states experienced serious shortcomings in their basic health services and it continued to give distance and face-to-face education by using the means of technology.
"We successfully managed this process in every field. We want to maintain our success that we achieved during the pandemic in the aftermath of this period. We know that this depends on increasing the quality of education.  I believe that we must adopt more visionary approach in education," said Erdoğan adding that "key to success in education depends on analyzing. Students who have high motivation, capable of making analyses and equipped with knowledge are the guarantee of a bright future."
Pointing out that education is among the four fields they had prioritized when they came to power 19 years ago, President Erdoğan stated that largest part of the budget is allocated to education. 
15.7 percent of the central management budget which is equal to 274 billion and 385 million liras is allocated to education this year.
President Erdoğan noted that number of classrooms was increased from 343 thousand to 601 thousand and 73 percent of existing teachers were appointed during AK Party governments.  
Stressing that Turkey managed to reach the OECD average in number of classrooms and teachers per student figures, Erdoğan said that Turkey is a country that distributes free textbooks and it is now aiming at providing free study books to children.
"Female students benefit from education more than male students"
Erdoğan stressed that the schooling campaign carried out in vocational education for some time has recently expanded to preschool education.
Under the leadership of President Erdoğan, the Ministry of National Education is aiming at increasing the number of preschool education institutions in the big cities.
Erdoğan stated that another important step was eliminating the shortcomings in the schooling rate of female students and added that female students are benefiting from education more than male students. 
Erdoğan mentioned that the higher education schooling rate of male students between 18 and 22 were 22,4 percent and higher education schooling rate of female students were 19,7 percent in 2007 and stressed that currently this figure for male students reached 40,5 percent and it reached 46,3 percent for female students.
Reminding that the rate of female teachers employed in the country before AK Party governments was below 50 percent and this rate is increased to 60 percent today, Erdoğan noted that an increase in the schooling rate of female students will increase women's presence in all fields of professional life.
"Teachers are the foundation of our education system"
Erdoğan noted that Turkey is a big country not only with its history, values and culture but also with its potential, goals and vision and children are the most important assets in achieving the goals of the country.
Mentioning that teachers are the ones who raise our children with utmost care and prepare them for the future, Erdoğan said teachers do not only address minds but also to the hearts of children and they are the architects of the future.
"We do not turn deaf ear to the voice of teachers. We do not neglect our duty to improve their working conditions, provide better employee personal rights and social and financial opportunities," said Erdoğan, adding that a new Teachers' Professional Law draft will be discussed in Parliament soon.
"3600 additional indicator for teachers"   
President Erdoğan noted that they will encourage teachers to enroll in post-graduate programs for their professional improvement and advancement in their career and said, "We will increase the additional indicator of first class teachers to 3600. Moreover, we are eliminating the differences between permanent and contract teachers. Exempt from compulsory services, contract teachers have the same rights and obligations with the permanent teachers. We are planning to submit the Teacher's Profession Law draft to Parliament for approval."
"We do not seek to get back at people"
Erdoğan stated that demands, priorities and expectations about education naturally change as a part of dynamism of life adding that. "To detect strengths and weaknesses of education policies and making new decisions within the limits of resources are the musts of development. Our goal to provide excellent conditions in education should not be criticized but appraised. We do not seek to get back at others like some other people. We are focusing on solving problems and correcting mistakes. We are working in an effort to prepare our children for the future."
"We are ready to consider all kinds of reasonable suggestions"
Noting that they are open to constructive criticism about the issues of Turkey, Erdoğan went on to say: "We are ready to consider all kinds of reasonable suggestions that will carry our education system to a higher level. Politicians should act responsibly and think more and talk less about issues about the future of our children."
Following the speech, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer gave a present to President Erdoğan.
Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, AK Party Deputy Chairmen Binali Yıldırım and Numan Kurtulmuş were also present at the opening ceremony.  

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