Our fairy tales, reflecting thousands of years of Anatolia's wisdom, meet with our children with the expression of master voices. As part of the "Anatolian Tales Project" carried out in cooperation with the General Directorate of Teacher Training and Development and UNESCO, a new study was launched for our children to spend quality time during their stay at home. 24 famous speech masters told fairy tales for their children in their homes. Those tales are now meeting with children from the EBA TV and Anatolian Tales Youtube Channel.

Teacher Training and Development Directorate General and the UNESCO Commission on Turkey Anatolian Tales conducted in cooperation with the project, a new study for the period in which children spend quality time at home was implemented.
Experienced names of the art world and television screens went to the camera in their homes and offices and told fairy tales for children. Tales told by famous names have begun to meet with children on EBA TV screens and on the Anatolian Tales Youtube Channel starting from today.
Altan Erkekli, Aşkın Nur Yengi, Ayşe Şule Bilgiç, Burak Sergen, Cem Teaches, Eda Özülkü, Emre Altuğ, Esra Erol, Işın Karaca, Kerem Alışık, Kıraç, Metin Özülkü, Müge Anlı, Nazlı Çelik, Seda Teaches, Ceyda Düvenci, Tamer Karadağlı, Zahide Yetiş, Zara, Zuhal Topal, Ece Üner, Hülya Koçyiğit, Buket Aydın, Pınar Altuğ, Sertap Erener and Halit Ergenç told fairy tales for children.
Anatolian Tales deepens children's imagination and spirit worlds
In his evaluation, the Minister of National Education, Ziya Selçuk, drew attention to the fact that fairy tales can never be replaced in the spiritual development of children and the foundations of educational processes.
Stating that the contribution of Anatolian Tales to the children and the recognized names of the art community and television screens are of great importance, Selçuk said: "With the Anatolian Tales Project, we support our children in deepening and developing their imaginations and spirit worlds. In this period when we try to create quality content for them to spend time, we find the contribution of our artists and experienced names of television screens to this valuable social responsibility project. "
Anatolian Tales Project
Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Teacher Training and Development and the UNESCO National Commission of Turkey cooperation in the Anatolian Tales implemented last year have been compiled most beloved fairy tales by creating an academic delegation Project. The fairy tales were revised by academics according to the principle of relativity, language and expression. In addition, students in fine arts high schools have contributed to the project by visualizing the tales under the guidance of their teachers.
Under the project, Tale tells the story of Turkey in the field of educational training 400 teachers to teach thousands more were introduced in their provinces. In addition, within the project, Anatolian Tales Training Set, consisting of picture fairy tale books, fairy tale playing cards, fairy tale songs and fairy tale voices, was created.
The Anatolian Tales Youtube Channel was established in order to avoid interruption of the project during the coronavirus epidemic period. The fairy tales, fairy tale songs and illustrated fairy tales told by the teachers were presented to the students.

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