Vice President Fuat Oktay and Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer have participated in the "Vision and Awareness Training Program for Election and Placement of Postgraduate Scholarship Abroad Candidates"

Vice President Fuat Oktay made a speech during the "Vision and Awareness Training Program for Election and Placement of Postgraduate Scholarship Abroad Candidates" organized by the Ministry of National Education in Kızılcahamam.
"We are the followers of a religion whose first order is read. We are successors of a civilization that is in pursuit of science and knowledge. Today, we give utmost importance to education and educating our human resources in the best way possible," said Oktay.
"Technology has opened new horizons"
Stressing that the world witnessed important transitions over the last quarter century in the list of technological developments and digitalization, Oktay noted that the transition continues and opens new horizons.
"These rapidly changing and improving conditions have a direct impact on sociopolitical structures and institutions, economic norms, education systems and society dynamics. We see that countries that have achieved to keep pace with technology are getting stronger. Under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we continue to develop local and national technologies in an effort to maintain our competitiveness and our independent and leading position. Within this framework, crucial knowledge production is essential. Türkiye is no longer a market for new technologies, it is the country that develops, produces and exports technologies," said the Vice President. 
"Bright minds are important for the development"
Oktay stressed that the quality of human resources is an important asset for our country adding that, "Bright minds like yours have made an important contribution to our revolutionary developments and success stories.  There is the mind and labor of every human resource varying from workers to engineers behind every improvement. Local and national Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles that changed the defense concept and balances, Türkiye's electric car TOGG, national satellite project, TURKOVAC vaccine, digital campaign and many other local and national projects are developed as a result of determination and dream of young minds. The Abroad Scholarship Program of the Ministry of National Education is among our country's crucial programs. You will complete postgraduate programs in many fields varying from data science to space law, from climate studies to machine learning and return home with special new abilities."
"Self-confidence will help you to keep going"
Stressing that Türkiye today is a global center in the automotive sector under the leadership of President Erdoğan, Vice President Oktay noted that our country is designing and producing local electric car.
Addressing scholarship candidates, Oktay said, "You are the self-confident students of a self-confident country. This self-confidence will help you to keep going. Together, we will build stronger and more dynamic Türkiye. Due to this reason, you have to work, work and work. There is no other way. 
"You will represent Türkiye and you will be the most important human resource in the construction of a country who has a say in its region and in the world in the 21st century."
Meanwhile, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer mentioned the history of the scholarship abroad program of the Ministry during this speech. Noting that the law concerning the abroad scholarship came into force in 1929, Özer said that important names who made contributions to the development of the country were among those who completed their studies abroad with this scholarship program.
Özer said that the program was reinforced in the last 19 years and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made an important contribution to the scholarship program with his "5.000 scholarships in 5 years" campaign he started in 2006.
Budget allocated to the scholarship program in 2022 exceeds 1 billion liras.
The Ministry of National Education will send 251 students will attend abroad postgraduate programs MEB, 7.263 candidates from 22 different universities and 13 different institutions have applied to the Ministry for a scholarship program.
1.066 qualified candidates entered interviews and 251 of them will be sent abroad for postgraduate programs.
After completing postgraduate programs, they will be appointed to important positions in state offices and institutions.

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