Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk met with 178 students and advisors whose projects won various awards in the 51st TÜBİTAK High School Student Research Project Contest. Minister Ziya noted that the future will be built by the students who are involved in scientific studies for the solutions of daily life problems and that they will actually build the future of the Republic of Turkey. Minister Selçuk said, "It is very important that our high schools students are designing projects that will build the future of this country. Such studies are not preparing you for only a contest but also for life discipline and for your future profession. We are ready to contribute in every way to your projects.

105 of the total of 15 thousand and 273 project applications to the 51st TÜBİTAK High School Student Research Project Contest received different awards. 178 award winning students and their advisors had a video conference meeting with teacher Ziya. Head of TÜBİTAK Hasan Mandal was also present at the digital meeting. Noting that participation of high schools students in the contest is very important, Mandal said, "They said they are here to solve a problem. They used various different kinds of technologies in order to achieve this. I would like to congratulate whoever says they want to gain a new skill and become a person who solves a problem."
Meanwhile, Minister Selçuk pointed out that in addition to students, parents and teachers had worked hard in order to support young participants and stated, "It is very important that our high school students worked on these projects and provided original ideas that also design the future of this country. This is a long run like a marathon... Such studies are not preparing you for only a contest but also for life discipline and your future profession and make world class achievements. We are ready to give all kinds of support to you. Your future is actually the future of the Republic of Turkey."
A student used artificial intelligence for quality classification of figs while another developed electronic medicine assistant for his grandmother...
Students explained their projects to teacher Ziya during the meeting. First award winner in use of thematic artificial intelligence in software Umut Eren who is a student from Aydın Science High School stated that he had developed a project for quality classification of figs, most important produce of his town. Eren said, "We have used deep learning principles of artificial intelligence technique for quality classification of dried figs. We have developed a prototype. We wish that our project will be used in the production of dried figs." Meanwhile, Minister Selçuk repeated that the Ministry is ready to support Eren and all students. Winner of the physics branch and Malatya BİLSEM student Feridun Balaban's project was based on increasing the productivity of sun panels.  İstanbul Private Çekmeköy Nazmi Arıkan Science Anatolian High School student Buğra Erginal won second prize in health technologies. He introduced an electronic assistant helping all visually impaired and Alzheimer patients to take their medicines adding that he had developed this project for his grandmother who had been suffering difficulties in taking her medicines.
Winner of the chemistry branch Filiz İpek Oktay designed antibacterial ceramic storage containers in order to prolong the shelf life of products. Kocaeli Private Enka Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School student Dilay Dal had developed a new alternative in the physical therapy of people who lost their ability to walk. Dal said that this project may give those persons an opportunity to walk again. In addition to these projects, other projects in the geography, psychology and values education fields were also awarded. Minister Selçuk said that he was excited about all these projects adding that, "It is very important to produce solutions for people who need them. With the will of Allah, you will put your signatures under worldwide projects in the future. We will be proud to see that."
Teacher Zuhal caused emotional moments
In addition to students, project advisor teachers were also present at the meeting. Teacher Zuhal Süldür from Isparta who retired after 40 years and 8 months service as a teacher said that her meeting with Minister Selçuk on the last day as a teacher will be a special memory in her life. Minister Selçuk told Süldür that, "I am very happy to meet you on such an important day and I am happy to have the opportunity to thank you for your 40 years of service dedicated to your students.

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