Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer sends off the trucks carrying education materials specially designed for home schooled special students.

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said during his speech in the Elmadağ Hasanoğlan Education Material Production Center that they continue to work in order to complete the preparations for 2022-2023 school year and they already sent off materials designed for preschool education students.
Noting that the Ministry worked in an effort to provide a better education environment for students, teachers and school administrators during the new school year which will begin on September 12, Özer said that, "Our colleagues did not have a summer holiday and they worked with sacrifice."
Özer noted that the Ministry has distributed free textbooks and supplementary sources to all schools as a part of their goal to provide equal opportunity in education adding that, "As President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced earlier, we printed 130 million supplementary study books and question banks and sent them to all schools in the entire country."
Supplementary sources will be included to the text books in the next school year
Minister Özer stressed that the Ministry personnel worked with sacrifice and solved supplementary source problems within a year and they have printed 20 supplementary study books only for 12th grade students.
"We will continue to solve chronic problems. With Allah's permission, we will revise text books and include supplementary sources to the contents of text books in the next school year," said Özer.
The Ministry allocated 3,1 billion liras for new school year preparations
Özer mentioned steps taken in order to solve a long lasting budget problem.
"We have solved budget allocation to schools for school year preparations. We directly allocated the budget required to purchase stationary, cleaning supplies, minor repairs, lab and workshop devices directly to all schools in Türkiye. We allocated 3,1 billion liras to schools for new school year preparations," stated Özer. 
Özer noted that as President Erdoğan announced earlier 60 thousand cleaning personnel will be employed until Monday.
As a part of new school year preparations, approximately 450 schools are reinforced against earthquakes and 198 of these school buildings were demolished and rebuilt again. Minister Özer stated that 1,407 independent kindergartens and 11 thousand and 100 preschool classrooms are also ready for the new school year.
"The Ministry of National Education works night and day. Today, we are transporting education materials for homeschooled special children. Actually, we only have one concern and it is equal opportunity in education. Like famous French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu said, education is the instrument that maintains the sustainability of classes if you put equal opportunity in education to the center of all education policies," stated Özer.
Minister Özer noted that inclusive students are the priority of his Ministry and they encourage special students to get education with their peers. There are 453 thousand and 20 students are getting education at home or at hospital.
"There are approximately 19 million students and 1.2 million teachers in our education system and Türkiye continues to show good and inspiring examples to the world every day and gradually increases the quality of human resources of the country," said Özer. 
Özer noted that the last twenty years was the period when anti-democratic practices were lifted in education and when all sacrifices were made in order to increase the quality of human resources adding that, "The Ministry of National Education is not the sample of Türkiye; it is the universe. There is a student or a teacher in every household. We must focus on education for a stronger country. Due to this reason, we are aware of our responsibility and work night and day."
"Most valuable asset of our education system is teachers"
Following the ceremony, Minister Özer responded to a journalist about teachers.
"Most important asset of our education system is our teachers. The Ministry of National Education does not make any distinction between teachers working in state schools and those who are working in private education institutions. We are working in an effort to improve the working conditions of each and every teacher. We are strongly against any manipulation that causes a contradiction between two teachers and police," said Özer.

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